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A friend of mine has started a discussion group here on DW for the Voluspa, IMO one of the two most important surviving Lore of pre Christian Europe. Each discussion starts with the stanza in the original Old Norse, followed by mult translations in English and German. Each member(as well as Marion;>) then discuss what they think about it.
The Voluspa is basically the Norse version of the Christian Genesis; explaining the creation of the Universe, Earth, Life and then Humanity. If you're interested in stuff that your Ancestors probably could relate to, check it out;>!
Pat Duffy


Jan. 8th, 2016 09:51 am
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Sometimes, it shocks me when I realize how long in this Incarnation I've been on my Path. It seems like yesterday that I found a Sybil Leek book in a used bookstore and realized THAT'S WHAT I THINK!!!!! Not as big of a shock as the weight I've gained since the same time period though;>.
Things change. Back then there was what today is mostly called British Traditionalist Wicca and Pagans. The Pagans weren't non-lineage Wiccans either. And my Spiritual Life was FILLED with Ritual....and Tools.
4 decades later, the alt-religion world has changed. BTW is a Minority and Pagans, for the most part are those that use Wiccan methodology. And Me? Rites are short with minimal Tools. I'm more likely to Interact Deity to Human than Pantheon to Human or even more General God/dess to Human. Definitely a Pantheist today;>!
Not that my Altar isn't cluttered as always;>! Truth is, I've not used most Tools in decades. Just don't have close friends on the Path to give them to. Besides, they pretty;>! Take Yule. All I used was a mug(a nice one from my great-aunt's estate though;>), a bottle of hard cider and Incense sticks(the good kind!). Truthfully, I spend at least the same amt of time if not more with Those the Rite is for than I did back in my "Bells & Smells" days; all the schlepping of materials, the setting up, the using them THEN the breaking down and cleaning up. Not that they WEREN'T needed then. It takes YRS of doing something to get to the point you can do the same thing "freestyle" and have the same Effect on Spiritual, Mental AND Physical Realms.
So Remember, some of us "Old Farts" aren't just Lazy(though we've certainly been through enough to be TIRED;>), it's just the Experience that has Freed us to CHOSE because even though we may not NEED all the "geegaws" they're still Fun and Pretty;>!

Music List

Sep. 12th, 2015 06:17 am
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I was, a while back, going through old files and ran into my old Pagan Music list. As I looked through it, I realized that with the exception of ‘Kiva’s’, they were all cassettes and Out of Production. Which, esp. in the case of Charlie Murphy’s album, ‘The Burning Times’ is a shame, if not for the recognition of his writing of the song, ‘The Burning Times’ of which the chorus has become a “traditional” Chant…the “Isis, Astarte, Innana”.
As I went through my present music collection I realized that there was hardly any Modern Pagan music, it was all Heathen or Nordic Spirit. So, here’s my current list:

#1 Group: ‘Fire + Ice’. The only “problem” is the lead singer’s use of traditional singing methods which, to folks whose ears are tuned to modern music, esp. Pop might be disturbing
#2 Group: ’Wardruna’. Spellbinding…LITERALLY
#3 Group: ‘Trobar De Morte’. Beautiful Modern Folk, some songs in English
#4 Group: ‘Moon and the Nightspirit’. Another Modern Heathen Folk band with predominantly female Singers
#5 Group: ‘Faun’. MHF group. More Energetic and Male
#6 Group: ‘Omnia’ MHF even more than ‘Faun’.
#7 Group: ‘Hagalaz Runedance’. MHF with Pagan/Wiccan influences. Great female lead singer!


Aug. 14th, 2015 01:32 pm
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Any other healers or lightworkers out there? Discuss what you do.

Anybody else do any other sort of magickal or traditional healing or want to but not quite sure where to start?


Jul. 20th, 2015 01:19 pm
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It’s been reeeeaaaallly slow lately. I was wondering if maybe we should maybe post two subjects we’d like the group to discuss.
I’m up for anything but my “Top 2” would have to be:
Actual Practices. What you do Ritually, whether it be for Esbats/Sabbats or other Rites that bring you Closer to the Divine in your Life
Living your life Pagan; how it’s different than your non-Pagan friends and neighbors

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This yr is bringing more than the usual End/Beginnings experiences this Samhain. The largest is that we're moving our parents to a smaller, more manageable home which Closes ON Samhain;>!
We moved here to "The Dangly Bits"(Florida) to help out originally and we'll be doing the same once they move...we will be as well. It's been almost 14 yrs we've lived here on Hummingbird Home so moving is bittersweet. We'll have markedly less yard but that also means markedly less maintenance;>! Our place also has a fireplace in the center of the house, perfect for a central Altar. It's also 5 minutes from the entrance of a state park and the intercoastal waterway(the other direction). The Gulf is 15 min away. And I hate to say it, it's a better neighborhood. The Retired Military folks that were here when we moved in are long gone and their experiences made them at least Tolerate their Gay Pagan neighbors. The new folks? Not as much. Nothing blatantly Hostile, just standoffish alternating with Proselyting. The new neighborhood is a lot like our neighborhood used to be.
Chuck's Medicare kicks in right after Samhain, so he will now be able to afford to get Ill, the 1st time since we moved from California in 01;>! Lots of Endings, lots of Beginnings.
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Is a comment I read yrs ago about much of the Pagans at least in the US. Many to most of us have created Spiritualities that are tailored to fit our lives. And they Work for us. Mostly;>. The problem comes when we try to "Get Along".
We usually do as long as things are kept Superficial. Try to go beyond and you run into problems caused by the most poisonous general Belief(IMO) in Modern Paganism, "If it's Hard, it's WRONG(for you)". Because, let's face it, getting along with people is HARD. Add in that folks have different priorities and Beliefs pertaining to, well EVERYTHING and you pretty much set yourself up for repeated "Witch Wars".
I've come to the conclusion that a part of why so may lists/groups/etc have gone "Dark" is because of this. After a while, a list has used up all it can say without going beyond what EVERYONE can agree with. And one thing that pagan groups tend to have in common is the Dislike of no one says anything at all.
Truthfully, I don't see things changing. Like the cats we're oft compared to, we only all go in the same direction if there's a treat involved;>!
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-Name you would like to go by: Ama

-Present path or tradition: Solitary Agnostic, searching for my own spirituality in forms animism and the Fae

-Interests: Animals, animation, politics, religion, writing, literature, languages, dw role-play, culture, music, travel, anything in relation to the humanities, though science is always intriguing, I just wish I understood certain concepts better.

-Age: 21

-Brief Bio: Hello, I joined this community awhile ago, but only until now I actually posted to introduce myself. I am an aspiring writer, born cat lady, and in hopes of obtaining a job where I can combine my love of writing, animals, and travel. I was baptized Catholic, even had First Communion, but I do not apply their belief systems to my own spirituality, but I respect it has a part of my family's religious history and have family that are Catholic as well. I like researching and looking at different belief systems, even considered having Religious Studies as a major, but I'm still deciding at the moment.

Anyway, it's a pleasure to meet all of you and my apologies for not posting this intro earlier.
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-Name you would like to go by: Kanagosa or Jessica is fine with me

-Present path or tradition: Egyptian Wiccan/Pagan, All gods are the same entity

-Interests: anime, manga, web development, paganism/wiccan paths, graphic design, video games

-Age (not mandatory): 25

-Brief Bio: I'm a college student working on my Bachelor's degree in Web Development. I'm hoping to join a coven in my area to learn more about my path and participate in traditions with others. I'm happily engaged to my loving, christian fiance, Edmund, whom I met online through World of Warcraft. He's very open minded and despite our different religions, we both believe all gods n all religions are the same entity, just taking on different forms to fit whatever the believer wishes to see or whatever purpose it has in mind. He's actually interested in learning more about my beliefs and even wants to participate in traditions so he can experience what I do. I love him very much, especially for his open mindedness towards many things. My Aunt Wendy introduced me to Wicca as she is Wiccan herself and because of her, I found my spiritual calling. Around the same time is when I began playing World of Warcraft, picking the Night Elf Druid as my first character. The way their culture is with race and class reminded me of my spiritual beliefs and it gave me a good feeling know, that 'right' feeling.

But yeah...Hello guys....*shyly waves* I hope to make new friends here. I've had good and bad experiences since becoming Wiccan, which includes bullying by some peers in high school and my fiance's step-father. I can share those experiences in comments if anyone is curious about them.


Apr. 2nd, 2014 12:11 pm
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 -Name you would like to go by: Alice/Luna, whichever you prefer. I'm not picky.

-Present path or tradition: Still seeking, though my path is very eclectic. I have not found an established path that calls to me, so I am presently more comfortable creating my own path, however I am interested in learning more about Druidism. 

-Interests: Knitting, Cooking/Baking, Writing, Reading, Binge-watching TV shows on Netflix. 

-Age (not mandatory): 30

-Brief Bio: I'm a fantasy and young adult author and still some what quiet about my religious beliefs. My family is very Christian, so I am not open with them about my spiritual and religious beliefs. I currently live in Japan, happily married with one daughter.
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  -Name you would like to go by: Ravew
-Present path or tradition: Just general paganism, I'm also an animist polytheist and panentheist, no other good name to describe it. I'm interested in neo-shamanism and other things, some influence from Japanese and Chinese shamanism, folk religion and shinto.
-Interests: too many to list.
-Age (not mandatory): I can't remember right now, close to 20.
-Brief Bio: I'm more interested in making my own path than follow established ones.
I use what it works for me but also try to have reality checks and respect the spirits and people's culture. 
I'm not very good at rituals and go more by instinct and I admit I need to focus on having more discipline.
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I know. It’s not even Samhain ;>! One thing I’ve learned is that to get them to Work, you have to plan ahead so……
What I do is decide what I want to do before Samhain. I usually plan a Mundane and a Metaphysical project. After Samhain I “testdrive” them; see if they are feasible. If they are, I go full bore after New Years.
This yr I might just start after the Celtic New Year because for at least the Metaphysical projects they are reoccurring ones. The 1st is Runestaves. I 1st started in the mid 80’s. The last was the early 00’s. The 2nd is Old English, which I studied in the 00’s as well(previous languages were Old Norse and Irish Gaelic). I have all I need for the Runewerk; all the Runepoems in Origin al Languages as well as mult translations, classes taken and notes kept on both classes, workshoppes and Meditations ON. For OE, I’m adding textbooks that weren’t available to me last time thanks to the expansion of the internet.
The Mundane project(s) are mainly dealing with my new “Learning Experience”, Type 2 Diabetes. Luckily, I’m still at the pill stage and would like to stay that way as long as possible(I managed “prediabetic” for almost a decade). Thankfully, being a bit of a “Foodie” as well as cook I’m functional in a number of cuisines, most of which tend to have lower Diabetes than Western European/American. Actually, the biggest problem I see is breaking a half century habit of cereal for breakfast;>!
So, do any of you all have any cooking;>?
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My apologies to the mods if this sort of posting isn't welcome here; my apologies to those who might have seen this elsewhere.

I am moving to a new place and there is a $300 deposit on my cat; to offset the cost I am offering divinations (runes or Tarot), jewelry, and commissions for photomanips (esp. of people's beloved deities/spirits) and writing prayers/adorations. Details can be found in this post: Even if you can only donate a couple of bucks, every little bit will help. Please feel free to signal boost (including outside Dreamwidth) if you can't. Prayers would also be appreciated, especially a libation to Hermes. Thank you.


Oct. 12th, 2013 10:35 pm
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 -Name you would like to go by: Aine or Annie

-Present path or tradition: Otherfaith (modern polytheistic fairy faith); influences of Feri & traditional witchcraft, connections to modern polytheistic movements

-Interests: certain television shows, movies, Lemony Snickett books, common/"low" artforms

-Age (not mandatory): 20

-Brief Bio: Polytheist and spirit worker ("witch", though I prefer the term spirit worker). I focus most of my work on faeries and modern cultural integration in religion. I'm a founder of a new religion but am also pursuing other religious and spiritual traditions under the 'pagan umbrella'. My area of expertise really is limited to faeries, and I haven't seen much reason to branch out into other areas yet. My witchcraft is more spirit-driven than based on historic correspondences or rituals.

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I don't know if this made it to this list already, but there is a Portland (Oregon) pagan writers' group forming right now, run by [personal profile] lupagreenwolf. The Facebook group is the main place that discussions and meeting announcements happen:

Portland Pagan Writers

The next meeting is set for October 22nd. I'm not sure if there's a location yet, but it's been coffee shop centric, downtown-ish.
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We're looking to get a serious pagan/druid study/discussion group off the ground. The first meeting is this Sunday, 9/22 at Einstein Bagels on NE Broadway and 22nd on Sunday at 2 PM. Our first topic of discussion will be adapting your religious practice to your place- ie, adapting for climate, geography and other factors that relate the oft-seasonally dependent nature of many pagan practices. Pagans of any religion are welcome, but please come prepared to discuss the topic at hand. Email Renee ( you have any questions.
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I don't know if this sort of post is allowed here, but I figured it was worth a shot!

I introduced myself over a year ago on here, though I've rarely commented or posted to the comm, so I thought I'd re-introduce myself. I'm looking to get more inspired about my path, as recently a lot of Not Good things have happened and I'm holding myself together.

Also, I'd really like to boost my journal and friends list with some new faces, and I'd love some like-minded people! (So, please feel free to addme or leave a comment to that effect. I'll answer questions, too.)

-Name you would like to go by:

Starstrider/Emma; I'm not too picky

-Present path or tradition:

I consider my path to be "Norse Therio-Shamanism." I've studied and looked at a lot of paths; I was generally pagan at first, I spent a lot of time with a mentor who is Feri (Anderson) and they really shaped my interest in critical exploration and reading. I briefly looked into Celtic paganism, Hoodoo, traditional folkcraft, Wicca (from an academic reading standpoint; I was never interested in the path personally), general energy-work, meditation, and many many forms of divination. I am Therian and Otherkin, which has always influenced my worldview, and my perspective on spirituality. In college I took a course in Religious Theory (which I really wish was mandatory), as well as an anthropology course on Ritual, Power, and Ecstasy, and I have to say both have had a huge impact on how I view spirituality and personal spiritual pathwork. I've had an upbringing strong in Norse mythology, so especially in the last ~5 years or so I've been "returning to my roots" and looking into pre-Christian Norse paganism (not Asatru), as well as Siberian and Sami shamanism, combining those elements with my therianthropy.


Horses, dogs, writing, reading, fencing, medieval combat, geekery, photography. I have a lot more on my profile, if you're curious. I'm very interested in trigger-point massage therapy, acupressure, equine acupressure, and equine sports massage, and dabbled with EFT for a while.

-Age (not mandatory):

26. (I had to think about it, lol.)

-Brief Bio:

I work with dogs, which has really made me more aware of communicative and empathic energy. I still consider myself to be a writer (literary magic-realism), though my life has been pretty crazy the last two years so I've had to concentrate on other things. I'm a semi-professional photographer. I recently lost my horse, who meant the world to me (we struggled with several equine health issues the last two years), and will soon be getting a husky puppy.

Intro post

Aug. 6th, 2013 09:05 pm
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Hullo, community.

-Name you would like to go by: Jen

-Present path or tradition: LaVeyan Satanism

-Interests: LARP, roleplaying in general, making things, writing

-Age (not mandatory): 26

-Brief Bio: Always find these a little tricksy, to give too much away or not enough, hum. I'm a conventional adult female person, work in financial services, married but separated. Politically kind of lapsed anarchist (of the rubbish armchair variety). Big nerd and roleplayer too. I live in the north of England.

I'm quite a cynical, unspiritual sort, generally. Got into Anton LaVey's writings in my late teens, then decided to be a militant atheist for a while - not that that's changed a lot, but more recently, I'm seeing more of the value of dogma and drama to fulfil a human emotional need. Lots of chats with a (Norse pagan) friend recently have also nudged me back towards feeling that perhaps I should explore this once again. A lot of it still rings true.

Looking forward to getting to know you guys better.
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Name you would like to go by: Pi

-Present path or tradition: Chaos magick, some interest in magick involving Lovecraftian horrors.

-Interests: Monsters, magick, creepy things, dead things, meat, rain, bizarre coincidences, creepypasta, horror stories, horror genre.

-Brief Bio: I am a creature of the dark and the cool. I hate summer, and I hate going out in the sun. I truly, literally hiss or growl at things I don't like. And I have a craving... for... fleeeesh!

The question:

Is there a spell to banish sunny/hot weather? Because I want the grey coolness to return. If there isn’t a spell for this, I am going to have to make one up.
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-Name you would like to go by: Seileag / Niseag

-Present path or tradition: A bizarre mix of Druidism and Vodoun. I'm finding my way around here.

-Interests: Cryptozoology, drawing, collecting animal skulls and dead things, the occult, bears, cute things, honey, the 1950s ...

-Age: 20

-Brief Bio:
As mentioned before, I'm Seileag. I'm a queer 20 year old art student, pursuing a career in Animation. I do a lot of Illustration in my free time, and I'd like to get into photography. I have a huge love for the 1950s and anything retro, as well as anything dead.
I've recently become drawn to Vodoun, as Wicca never quite cut it for me, and I'm beginning to fade out of Celtic Druidism.
I'll be entering my third year of college in September, and until then, I'm working in Sales at a popular Swedish furniture company (not hard to guess :) ) Because of my hectic work, as well as difficulties with connecting with the Other Side, my own posts here may be sparse, but I'll try to comment often / provide decent feedback.