Sep. 2nd, 2013

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I don't know if this sort of post is allowed here, but I figured it was worth a shot!

I introduced myself over a year ago on here, though I've rarely commented or posted to the comm, so I thought I'd re-introduce myself. I'm looking to get more inspired about my path, as recently a lot of Not Good things have happened and I'm holding myself together.

Also, I'd really like to boost my journal and friends list with some new faces, and I'd love some like-minded people! (So, please feel free to addme or leave a comment to that effect. I'll answer questions, too.)

-Name you would like to go by:

Starstrider/Emma; I'm not too picky

-Present path or tradition:

I consider my path to be "Norse Therio-Shamanism." I've studied and looked at a lot of paths; I was generally pagan at first, I spent a lot of time with a mentor who is Feri (Anderson) and they really shaped my interest in critical exploration and reading. I briefly looked into Celtic paganism, Hoodoo, traditional folkcraft, Wicca (from an academic reading standpoint; I was never interested in the path personally), general energy-work, meditation, and many many forms of divination. I am Therian and Otherkin, which has always influenced my worldview, and my perspective on spirituality. In college I took a course in Religious Theory (which I really wish was mandatory), as well as an anthropology course on Ritual, Power, and Ecstasy, and I have to say both have had a huge impact on how I view spirituality and personal spiritual pathwork. I've had an upbringing strong in Norse mythology, so especially in the last ~5 years or so I've been "returning to my roots" and looking into pre-Christian Norse paganism (not Asatru), as well as Siberian and Sami shamanism, combining those elements with my therianthropy.


Horses, dogs, writing, reading, fencing, medieval combat, geekery, photography. I have a lot more on my profile, if you're curious. I'm very interested in trigger-point massage therapy, acupressure, equine acupressure, and equine sports massage, and dabbled with EFT for a while.

-Age (not mandatory):

26. (I had to think about it, lol.)

-Brief Bio:

I work with dogs, which has really made me more aware of communicative and empathic energy. I still consider myself to be a writer (literary magic-realism), though my life has been pretty crazy the last two years so I've had to concentrate on other things. I'm a semi-professional photographer. I recently lost my horse, who meant the world to me (we struggled with several equine health issues the last two years), and will soon be getting a husky puppy.


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