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-Name you would like to go by: Kanagosa or Jessica is fine with me

-Present path or tradition: Egyptian Wiccan/Pagan, All gods are the same entity

-Interests: anime, manga, web development, paganism/wiccan paths, graphic design, video games

-Age (not mandatory): 25

-Brief Bio: I'm a college student working on my Bachelor's degree in Web Development. I'm hoping to join a coven in my area to learn more about my path and participate in traditions with others. I'm happily engaged to my loving, christian fiance, Edmund, whom I met online through World of Warcraft. He's very open minded and despite our different religions, we both believe all gods n all religions are the same entity, just taking on different forms to fit whatever the believer wishes to see or whatever purpose it has in mind. He's actually interested in learning more about my beliefs and even wants to participate in traditions so he can experience what I do. I love him very much, especially for his open mindedness towards many things. My Aunt Wendy introduced me to Wicca as she is Wiccan herself and because of her, I found my spiritual calling. Around the same time is when I began playing World of Warcraft, picking the Night Elf Druid as my first character. The way their culture is with race and class reminded me of my spiritual beliefs and it gave me a good feeling inside....you know, that 'right' feeling.

But yeah...Hello guys....*shyly waves* I hope to make new friends here. I've had good and bad experiences since becoming Wiccan, which includes bullying by some peers in high school and my fiance's step-father. I can share those experiences in comments if anyone is curious about them.
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