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This yr is bringing more than the usual End/Beginnings experiences this Samhain. The largest is that we're moving our parents to a smaller, more manageable home which Closes ON Samhain;>!
We moved here to "The Dangly Bits"(Florida) to help out originally and we'll be doing the same once they move...we will be as well. It's been almost 14 yrs we've lived here on Hummingbird Home so moving is bittersweet. We'll have markedly less yard but that also means markedly less maintenance;>! Our place also has a fireplace in the center of the house, perfect for a central Altar. It's also 5 minutes from the entrance of a state park and the intercoastal waterway(the other direction). The Gulf is 15 min away. And I hate to say it, it's a better neighborhood. The Retired Military folks that were here when we moved in are long gone and their experiences made them at least Tolerate their Gay Pagan neighbors. The new folks? Not as much. Nothing blatantly Hostile, just standoffish alternating with Proselyting. The new neighborhood is a lot like our neighborhood used to be.
Chuck's Medicare kicks in right after Samhain, so he will now be able to afford to get Ill, the 1st time since we moved from California in 01;>! Lots of Endings, lots of Beginnings.

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Date: 2014-10-31 06:24 pm (UTC)
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Sounds like a bittersweet move but overall for the best. Best of luck to you and a Blessed Sahmain.


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