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Name you would like to go by: Pi

-Present path or tradition: Chaos magick, some interest in magick involving Lovecraftian horrors.

-Interests: Monsters, magick, creepy things, dead things, meat, rain, bizarre coincidences, creepypasta, horror stories, horror genre.

-Brief Bio: I am a creature of the dark and the cool. I hate summer, and I hate going out in the sun. I truly, literally hiss or growl at things I don't like. And I have a craving... for... fleeeesh!

The question:

Is there a spell to banish sunny/hot weather? Because I want the grey coolness to return. If there isn’t a spell for this, I am going to have to make one up.
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-Name you would like to go by: Seileag / Niseag

-Present path or tradition: A bizarre mix of Druidism and Vodoun. I'm finding my way around here.

-Interests: Cryptozoology, drawing, collecting animal skulls and dead things, the occult, bears, cute things, honey, the 1950s ...

-Age: 20

-Brief Bio:
As mentioned before, I'm Seileag. I'm a queer 20 year old art student, pursuing a career in Animation. I do a lot of Illustration in my free time, and I'd like to get into photography. I have a huge love for the 1950s and anything retro, as well as anything dead.
I've recently become drawn to Vodoun, as Wicca never quite cut it for me, and I'm beginning to fade out of Celtic Druidism.
I'll be entering my third year of college in September, and until then, I'm working in Sales at a popular Swedish furniture company (not hard to guess :) ) Because of my hectic work, as well as difficulties with connecting with the Other Side, my own posts here may be sparse, but I'll try to comment often / provide decent feedback.

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My friend Amy, whom I have named Zahvahshlyn Kusahndjiirah Kiinbahn when she requested a new name, had no job. A week ago, she interviewed for a job. She welcomed prayers and so I made a pact with Djao'Kain (my main deity) and Kusahnjijahn - my deity of science and commerce. The pact was that if they got her the job she was interviewing for, that I would acknowledge their help in as many relevant blogs as possible, to spread their names about, because attention is the food of the gods.

So thank you, Djao'Kain and Kusahnjijahn, for Your assistance. Thank You both for doing this for my friend, whom I named "Strong Prosperous Intelligent Person" in the TPNN language. Sahn-kia, Koh Soh La Kohrain.
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A Dreamwidth friend of mine linked to this Tumblr post. Tis a spell for chronically ill pagans to get more "spoons." If you don't know what that means, the link also contains a link to the "Spoon Theory" post that will explain.


May. 28th, 2013 11:31 am
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Name you would like to go by: Cedar.

Present path or tradition: Still in the process of exploring and deciding what works best for me. My studies have been mainly focused on wicca so far; it has been reasonating very well with me. I am yet to determine a patron god/goddess, but feeling very at peace with a generic Goddess path for the moment. I am also very interested in alchemy, reiki, and dragon magic.

Interests: Main hobbies are chess, magic the gathering, reading, and writing.

Brief Bio: I'm twenty-two years old and living in Oklahoma with my best friend. I was an only child brought with Christian homeschooling, of all things, but it never rang true for me and I considered myself an agnostic for most of the years before I began to explore the pagan and wiccan paths. I've lived in quite a few places over my life, and I hope to move away from Oklahoma sometime in the next couple of years. Currently working in a call center, saving up to attend college for psychology. I also like to do volunteer work whenever I can, and I've helped out at nursing homes and homeless shelters before; it's always a worthwhile experience.


May. 26th, 2013 10:30 am
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Ever so often you’ll see a thread online about the subject. “Where ARE our Elders?”. As someone who has been part of Cybergard since the days when alt.pagen was the only “show in town”, I can answer the top 2 reasons.
1: Converted out.
Many of us became part of the alt.rel community in our teens and twenties. Many of the things that may have attracted you to your present Way then no longer do as you get in your 30’s, 40’s and older. Unfortunately, many never fully worked through their childhood religion issues and instead of looking for an alt.rel that would they just return to their previous Faith OR Convert to other more “conventional” religions. I know quite a few Buddhists that began in our community;>.

2: Withdrew.
I’ve personally done this a couple of times in the last two decades. You get tired of the squabbling in general, the disrespect to you personally and sadly, a heckovalot of shallow people who think this is a LARP. You 1st withdraw to closed groups/lists/etc. and then just a close group of friends….usually of the same Way as yourself.

The Truth is, I’ve yet to run into an online community that respects those who have put in a couple of decades on their particular Path, no matter the lip service. Many online communities have a high “tween” and under population(less than a decade and a half in), just the place you’d think those with more experience would be needed and welcomed. Sadly, not. For me, I PERSONALLY get tired of being put down because I don’t know the web source for something I learned 3 decades ago from a college Mythology text(which is where most of the CR and Nordic Folk looked for theirs). Not everything has a “wiki” and not all of that is ACCURATE.
I Honestly don’t know what can be done. In the last few yrs pretty much everyone I’ve known online more than a decade has withdrawn or Converted and a chitload of those over 5. And on some forums just posting this will invite “featherburn”…..

Intro post

Mar. 3rd, 2013 09:29 am
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Name you would like to go by: Liz, [personal profile] sashajwolf (which is also my username on LJ) or lizwithhat (which is my username on Skype, Twitter and anywhere else that lizw was taken; it goes back to a nickname given to me by a beloved college teacher).

Present path or tradition: I'm still trying to figure out the details, but basically some sort of eclectic neopaganism, probably involving elements drawn from Celtic and Saxon traditions. I will also be maintaining some kind of relationship with Mary Magdalene and Santiago de Compostela, both of whom have played significant roles in my spirituality in the past. One of my key aims is to integrate my spirituality and my politics.

Interests: Too many to list, really, but here are some selected highlights: baking bread, birdwatching, canals, cooking, dancing, Discworld (especially the Tiffany Aching books), Doctor Who, dogs, environmentalism, football (soccer), health at every size, human rights, meditation, social justice, pilgrimage, yoga.

Age (not mandatory): Mid-40s.

Brief Bio: I'm a disabled bisexual woman living in London, England in a friendly, chaotic household of four adults, two teenagers and five assorted companion animals. I'm polyamorous and currently have two romantic partners, neither of whom live with us. Politically, I'm a feminist and left-libertarian. Professionally, I am a lawyer with an LLM in human rights and currently do knowledge management and training for a major law firm as well as chairing its Refugee Law Group and one of its LGBT working groups.


Mar. 2nd, 2013 01:04 pm
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 -Name you would like to go by:  Druidtru

-Present path or tradition:  Druidry and Asatru/Heathenry.  Hence my nickname. 

-Interests: Lots of things that don't involve sports and reality TV.  

-Age (not mandatory):  35 going on 36.   

-Brief Bio:  been into paganism, polytheism and the occult for a decade.  Went through several philosophies, paths, religions.  But here I am, happy at last.  
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Like most Pagans, my altar isn’t “minimalist”;>! As I was finishing my daily Work, I had a thought. What were the 3 most unusual items on it?
On mine:
A corn dolly that was actually the doll my matrilineal grandmother played with when she was a little girl.
A small bowl of Beads the size of Almonds made of Meteoric Iron.
An Antique necklace of Amber beads(pre Civil War from Scandinavia).

So…What’s yours;>?
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If you’re a Heathen and not a member of a particular kindred or Branch(and even if you are;>), you’re familiar with the experience. Even the “Big Three” mandated in Lore get arguments of When and What They’re About…and that’s not to mention the rest of the year. The “Good Thing” about this Ambiguity is that it sends the Fluffies running for “Glassy Bird-Dog’s” books in the Newage section;>.What, When and Who? The big questions Heathens get to “deal” with every month.
Even being of a particular kindred or branch doesn’t “save” you. Both of mine were run by “frustrated scriptwriters” so they were seldom the same yr-to-yr. Some folks Like this Freedom. Others, like me who prefer more Stability in their Spiritual Practice aren’t so Positive.
This yr for me has been Trying on a number of Planes and this Ambiguity has given me license to slack off more than I should. I’ve been Pondering a number of solutions and one that has strong appeal is to re-Vike the Wiccan Yr-Wheel as Mr McNallen did oh so many yrs ago except to adjust for my local conditions. Then, search for appropriate Nordic Holy Rites and when there aren’t, hold Blots for God/desses that ARE. There are other contenders but right now that’s the strongest that solves the most problems(other than it’s not Historical;>). I don’t live in an area that Iron-Age Heathens lived and worshiped. Heck, I don’t live in a BIOME where they did(and left records at least). I’m pretty much where my Ancestral Huntsman, Fisherman or Herdsman was when they Emigrated to a New Land. So I’ll probably do what they did…..
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My Path "Home" may have been a long one but it was well worth it. And while "Coming Home" to Heathenry is wonderful, there are things about previous ways that I do miss that Heathenry doesn't have(or less strongly):
Wicca(or more properly BTW as you would say today)-I miss the routine of Rite____ being performed "so" and words "so"...that the same Rite for the same Holy Day IS the same. Unlike a lot of folks, I do not consider consistancy and routine "dirty" words;>
Celtic Reconstructionism-There was a VERY strong "Crafty" thread as part of one's Practice. Everyone did SOMETHING:Singing, Instruments, Carving, Painting, Weaving,etc; ALL within the Celtic cultural pattern. I did Calligraphy and Knotwork...both skills have degraded quite a bit in the last decade and a half..
Modern Pagan- I miss the Seasonality of the Yr Wheel. More flexible than it's Wiccan Parent it could be perfectly adapted to the Natural Patterns of where you lived. Here Fall Equinox was time to celebrate Persimmons, Pecans, Tuna(the Cactus fruit,not the fish;>) and the 1st Sweet Potatoes. It was the time you switched from (sub)tropical veggies to Northern ones, including those traditional to your European Ancestors.
I AM Home with HEathenry but, as with everything else, there are pluses and minuses.I like the more Deity-Centeredness of my Ancestor's Way and the strong position Spiritually They play in it. I do prefer my God/desses more as Individuals than "Job Discriptions", inconvienient as it may be at times when you're putting together a Rite for a particular reason;>. Thing is, just because I'm no longer a member of a particular Way, it doesn't mean that the reason I am not is because it wasn't a valid or fullfilling one, just not "The One";>
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As I've pointed out before, I've seen Spirits since I was in Primary School. During my college yrs I came up with what I call my "Roomate Rules". That is, if I'd put up with something from a Physically Embodied roomate, I'd put up with it from one that WASN'T.....PERIOD.
I've lived in a number of Haunted houses and the WORST physically was a thrown coffee mug....which didn't break. This was NOTHING compared to my 1st Het Female roomate who'd throw dishes every time she caught ONE of her boyfriends doing what she WAS(I don't Think she really Understood the concept of Polyamoury well;>). As for Night Noises and Movingf Objects? Please. I've NEVER had a Physically Embodied Roomate that didn't do either, usually at least WEEKLY;>
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I Understand where most are coming from but I do get tired of the YHVH or No Way Attitude. If old “Sand and Fire” isn’t for you…Great. We Understand but don’t lump us in with the reasons you don’t Believe that there are ANY Spiritual Entities out there. Yes, the Bible is frequently Wrong Scientifically and Ethically but it’s Inaccuracies don’t negate the Experiences of EVERY non-JCI Person of Faith on the planet(or possibly beyond;>). I’m NOT an Atheist. Yes, I don’t Follow YHVH in whatever religion He’s being Followed in. I don’t deny He Exists either. I just have no Interest IN Him….just like the MAJORITY of Deities on Earth. I’m a Heathen. I Follow those of my pre-C Ancestors. I am not “Free of Belief”. I’m “Free to Believe” as my Ancestors were before the Coming of the Bloody “Prince of Peace”….
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-Name you would like to go by: Katherine or Wynn. I answer to both.

Age: 32

-Present path or tradition: Azraelite primarily. It's a system I formed after many years of trying other paths and studying them. I have a pantheon of angelics (Azrael, Michael, Gabriel, and Lucifer) that I work with primarily, as well as three Goddesses (Isis, Selene, and Bast) that I honor. Azrael has the largest altar since he's the focus of my practice. It seems a bit grim to celebrate Death, but being that many cultures already do so, I see nothing wrong with it. I also honor my late loved ones on the main altar (my father, uncle, and grandmother). Other shrines include one for Vincent Van Gogh since he's my favorite painter and future ones will be set up for Lincoln, Lovecraft, and Franklin after I move. Essentially, everything revolves around Azrael and honoring the dead. I also work heavily with the faeries.

-Interests: Drawing, writing, crochet, some handsewing, 80s everything, cats, and the "Mori Girl" fashion currently sweeping Japan

-Brief Bio: I come from a very spiritually-attuned and gifted family, all inherited from my father's side. I've been able to sense and communicate with things unseen since childhood and identify as faekin. My favorite places are usually up high, in cemeteries, quiet art museums, the forest, or nestled in my bed.
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Name: Harley
Age: 26
I am bi, poly and open in my marriage, and think that these things are all affirmations of my faith. I am a current practitioner and follower of the Goddess Hathor/Sekhmet. I am Her Priestess. I also follow Goddesses that I find that I can learn from, but may not have a mythological or historical basis. (IE: "Fictional" deities)

I try to spread understanding, love and education rather than anger or hate. I know that this is beyond some people (within and outside of Paganism). I'll admit, I'm human, as well as anyone. It bothers me when people aren't honest. I choose to take a stand most times instead of just lie down or 'kill someone with kindness'. If I am anything, it is honest and if I must be anything, it is honest of heart.

I am a High-Intuitive Empath and Reader. I am a Geomancer. This also impacts my faith and how I choose to affect the world. I recycle as much as I can, and own a natural bath and body product business. I try to use my products to help people heal.

I read Tarot and Runes and I'm also a Medium. But I'm also a multiple personality (also, I think, part of my faith and some of Ours as a whole), so this allows me to do many things at once.

I think because of this, people have a hard time understanding me. But I think I'm lucky to have this many points of view. I don't treat this as a 'mental illness' (I was told by a Priestess that I needed mental and psychiatric treatment before I would ever find true spiritual happiness or a true calling by my Goddess), I treat it like something that is as true to myself as my hair or eye color. Yes, these are things that I can change, and if I choose to change them, I create a change within myself.

...This ended up becoming something different than I started out in, so I'll leave it here. If you have any questions, please ask!


Jun. 29th, 2012 01:15 pm
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To the Modern Heathen, the Framework, the "Lenses", the "Touchstone" the Centre of their Practice. to non-Heathens, "Lore" is the generic term for all the writings, acheological digs and folklore that presently has been rediscovered of the pre-C peoples of Europe, particularly that of Nordic Peoples(though I know a lot of CR-folk who call it Lore as well).If it isn't at least in the Spirit of the Lore...."It Ain't Heathen"(this doesn't make it wrong, just NOT). Some Heathens take an almost "Fundie" view of it, esp the Havamal and Voluspa(which are attributed to certain Dieties).Most accept there are 2 big problems with it; that it was written down generally by Upper Class MEN and they were also Devout Christians. This pretty much meant that with the exception of FOlklorists, what the "Little People" Beleieved/Did was ignored and all were written down by those who looked down(even at the same time they may have Romanticised them). So what mostly survives are the practices and Beleifs of 'Downton Abbey'Brits as written by American Fundimentalists;>. That said, once you "adjust" for these, you can get quite a bit out!
One argument Heathens get into pretty constantly with Pagans is the concept of Valid Experience. Most Heathens, who are decent folks will say that your Experiences are Valid...for YOU. Unfortunately, there are some Pagans that can't "deal" with the Idea that some Experiences/Lessons/etc aren't Universal and start fights(though most today are simply short-lived Flamewars since Heathens tend NOT to stick around those that make them Feel Unwelcome).
The old saw that "Heathenry is Religion with Homework" is quite True and we all know that not everyone likes Homework! Personally, I try to avoid unless I have no choice Heathens that don't. A couple in a kindred isn't too aweful. A kindred made up of!?! Horrible! You might as well be Wiccatru except at least that's based on material a quarter and half century old.
The true "Lore Nazi"(term that entered Heathenry through it's SCA members) will learn the languages the Primary material is in. Even I'm not that bad(but I DID try;>!)but even 2ndary or Tertiary material can be too "academic" for a lot of folks but if you want to go Deeper into your Heathen Practice you have to go further than the "101" books available(soemtimes) in the Occult or Newage section of your local bookstore.Then again, most folks never delve Deep into the religions they're a part of so why should Heathens;>?
Heathenry, no matter what Branch is a true Reconstructed Religion. The Surviving Material providing the majority of the material, only filled in with material that "matches" at least aesthetically, just as an Archeological reconstruction does. The difference is that our Temples are actually used;>!
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On one of my groups/lists the subject of the Afterlife and all that comes with it came I thought of putting my BS on the subject.
As I've mentioned a few times, not only do I "See Dead People",I see the non- or ex-Human as well. From my half century of personal experiences, I've come up with the following:
1-Ghosts: Dead folks that either don't Know they are or are stuck here for some reason.
2-Echoes: Sometimes called a number of other things like "Stone Tapes", etc, these are Imprints of Events that (generally) Sensitive folks will pick up and experience.
3-Non-human: Never were and have their own Lives and Agendas;run the gammut from low animal Intelligence to Deity Level(though I know of no one running into the latter in my Lifetime). Most folks don't Know that there is just as Vibrant a non-corporeal ecosystem as corporeal. Just 'cause it doesn't have a body doesn't make it smart, useful or even SAFE.
4-Ex-human: These pretty much(in general) are low level god/desses. Even the Woeful Ones(Heathenspeak for Nasty Ones) need to be treated with the utmost Respect
5-Deities: Sorta self-explanitory;>. Politeness and Good Manners are NEVER WRONG with these Beings, even ones those you Follow consider Enemies.

With the exceptions(in general)of 4 and 5, non-Sensitives don't have to worry. If you can't Percieve them, they tend to treat you as an obstacle and go around or through you, not interact with you(though the "through" is generally the only experience non-Sensitives ever get). A few Ghosts and Nonhumans have the Strength to affect non-Sensitives. Those that do are Woeful and should be "86'ed" from the Property by whatever Rite the Affected's Beleif system provides.
For those who ARE:
Your best "bets" are:
Being Aware of your non-physical environment
Be Polite to those Sentients you meet
Be Prepared to Protect yourself if They aren't Wealful(Heathenspeak for Good)

In otherwords, just like the Physical World!
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I grew up an Army brat whose family was often stationed in Europe and the Middle East as a kid. Two things about that formed my SPiritual views. One, was being exposed to all that Pagan history of the Greco-Roman world. The other was that my parents were Christian, but an odd kid of...they Beleived that all Christian denominations were equal and we "Converted" to whatever was convenient to them. This plus Jewish friends and a housekeeper that took us to mosque exposed us to too many "One, True and Onlies". We figured out that they were either all as valid or UN. My younger brother is an Atheist, BTW;>.
Having no Interest in Christianity and going on vacations where we wandered around the ruins of Roman aquiducts, baths and towns pretty much made it inevitable that I felt a Call to Return to the pre-C Ways of my Ancestors.
Back when I was in highschool(the 70's and yes, we DID dress that way;>)the only thing other than Mythology were some pop books by Sybil Leek describing Wicca as "The Olde Religione".In college I found an Alexandrian offshoot Coven and was nearing my 2nd Degree Initiation when the evidence became too clear to ignore, that Wicca wasn't even as old as the Electric Light!
I'd already began to Feel something was amiss when our "Celtic Wicca" Coven used Mediterranean Names and my Interest in Celtic Mythology wasn't resiprocated. I returned to a Solitary life until the mid 80's when I discovered Celtic Reconstructionism.
What was odd was that while I was pretty much as close to 100% Irish as an American can be and I loved the Music, Art and Mythology, the God/desses with a couple of exceptions never Deeply moved me. I remained CR but an event in 1990 would change things.
In 1990 I was living in DC and had been goingto the local Pagan Festival where I ran into a kindred of AsatruaR. I went to a couple Rites and had much stronger experiences than I'd had in yrs both SPiritually and with the God/desses....but I wasn't English or Scandinavian! I ran into them again the next yr and began to hang out, learning that the city my Ancestors came form, Dublin was founded as a Viking trading post!
I moved to Florida in 93 due to health problems(my 1st partner died of complcations of aids back in 84)and continued to practice CR until 96 when I went on Disability and had to move to Claifornia to get medical help(at the timeall aids patients on the panhandle had to go to an old "Clap" MD from Vietnam who specialised on VD in soldiers...and hadn't learned a damned thing since the fall of Saigon). There I had a Vision of Freyr and then found my 1st Kindred, followed by my 2nd, Diana Paxson's Hrafnar. I was involved with the N Cal Heathen community(Diana married me and Chuck the yr before we moved here) until my parent's health forced us to move back to the Florida Panahndle and here we are!
We were involved with our local community for a few yrs but found at least here the Interest in Ancestral Ways had long faded and folks were more interested in the newest Spiritual Culture D' we stopped going.
I keep up with some folks online and locally though most are more "newagy" Christian than Pagan, most of my "coreligionists" are online now.
That's enough for now!


Jun. 26th, 2012 01:36 pm
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I'm Pat, an old Fart Gay Heathen who started on his Path back in the days of Sybil Leek, when great herds of Polyesters roamed the land to the dulcet tones of Disco;>.
Primarilly, my partner of 15 yrs(married in Heathen Rites, the only actual religous wedding in my family since my Paternal Grandparents;>!)and I practice Urban Homesteading on a lot and a half on the Florida Panhandle. I grew up with a mother in a family that considered seeing Spirits no different than seeing the neighbors or even the squirrels so needless to say, "Seeing Dead People" isn't a big deal here.
Living at the border of two Biomes esp in our times is "Interesting" for those Interested in Things Botanical, from Herbs the Ancestors used for various reasons to conserving or Agricultural Heritage. From yr-to-yr we can change a full zone(8 to 9).
Hoping to learn and share, esp now that Summer's Heat has pretty much put the kibosh on anything beyond maintainence on the Property and driven me Indoors;>!
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Hello everyone, I'm hosting a free One Card Draw in my journal today, here. I've just started doing this monthly; this month half of the total donations will go towards helping a friend of mine pay for repairs to her car. Details are in the post. :) Thank you, and blessed be.