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I grew up an Army brat whose family was often stationed in Europe and the Middle East as a kid. Two things about that formed my SPiritual views. One, was being exposed to all that Pagan history of the Greco-Roman world. The other was that my parents were Christian, but an odd kid of...they Beleived that all Christian denominations were equal and we "Converted" to whatever was convenient to them. This plus Jewish friends and a housekeeper that took us to mosque exposed us to too many "One, True and Onlies". We figured out that they were either all as valid or UN. My younger brother is an Atheist, BTW;>.
Having no Interest in Christianity and going on vacations where we wandered around the ruins of Roman aquiducts, baths and towns pretty much made it inevitable that I felt a Call to Return to the pre-C Ways of my Ancestors.
Back when I was in highschool(the 70's and yes, we DID dress that way;>)the only thing other than Mythology were some pop books by Sybil Leek describing Wicca as "The Olde Religione".In college I found an Alexandrian offshoot Coven and was nearing my 2nd Degree Initiation when the evidence became too clear to ignore, that Wicca wasn't even as old as the Electric Light!
I'd already began to Feel something was amiss when our "Celtic Wicca" Coven used Mediterranean Names and my Interest in Celtic Mythology wasn't resiprocated. I returned to a Solitary life until the mid 80's when I discovered Celtic Reconstructionism.
What was odd was that while I was pretty much as close to 100% Irish as an American can be and I loved the Music, Art and Mythology, the God/desses with a couple of exceptions never Deeply moved me. I remained CR but an event in 1990 would change things.
In 1990 I was living in DC and had been goingto the local Pagan Festival where I ran into a kindred of AsatruaR. I went to a couple Rites and had much stronger experiences than I'd had in yrs both SPiritually and with the God/desses....but I wasn't English or Scandinavian! I ran into them again the next yr and began to hang out, learning that the city my Ancestors came form, Dublin was founded as a Viking trading post!
I moved to Florida in 93 due to health problems(my 1st partner died of complcations of aids back in 84)and continued to practice CR until 96 when I went on Disability and had to move to Claifornia to get medical help(at the timeall aids patients on the panhandle had to go to an old "Clap" MD from Vietnam who specialised on VD in soldiers...and hadn't learned a damned thing since the fall of Saigon). There I had a Vision of Freyr and then found my 1st Kindred, followed by my 2nd, Diana Paxson's Hrafnar. I was involved with the N Cal Heathen community(Diana married me and Chuck the yr before we moved here) until my parent's health forced us to move back to the Florida Panahndle and here we are!
We were involved with our local community for a few yrs but found at least here the Interest in Ancestral Ways had long faded and folks were more interested in the newest Spiritual Culture D' we stopped going.
I keep up with some folks online and locally though most are more "newagy" Christian than Pagan, most of my "coreligionists" are online now.
That's enough for now!
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