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I'm Pat, an old Fart Gay Heathen who started on his Path back in the days of Sybil Leek, when great herds of Polyesters roamed the land to the dulcet tones of Disco;>.
Primarilly, my partner of 15 yrs(married in Heathen Rites, the only actual religous wedding in my family since my Paternal Grandparents;>!)and I practice Urban Homesteading on a lot and a half on the Florida Panhandle. I grew up with a mother in a family that considered seeing Spirits no different than seeing the neighbors or even the squirrels so needless to say, "Seeing Dead People" isn't a big deal here.
Living at the border of two Biomes esp in our times is "Interesting" for those Interested in Things Botanical, from Herbs the Ancestors used for various reasons to conserving or Agricultural Heritage. From yr-to-yr we can change a full zone(8 to 9).
Hoping to learn and share, esp now that Summer's Heat has pretty much put the kibosh on anything beyond maintainence on the Property and driven me Indoors;>!
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Hello everyone, I'm hosting a free One Card Draw in my journal today, here. I've just started doing this monthly; this month half of the total donations will go towards helping a friend of mine pay for repairs to her car. Details are in the post. :) Thank you, and blessed be.
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Hi all, I have a question:

I used to meditate on my own, and with a group once every two weeks. But I've recently had a huge schedule change, so I'm all out of sorts, and the group no longer meets either. I'd like to get back on track. I see there's a large selection of guided sessions via youtube, various sites (and possibly Netflex? ). I'm a little overwhelmed by the options, honestly. Are there any particular ones you'd recommend?

- I don't care whether the guide is male or female.

- I'd prefer that it not be oriented toward worship of a particular deity, or overtly and deeply immersed in the rites of a specific religion, as I have my own to consider; but I also don't expect anyone to know what my lines are specifically in that regard, so if you're not sure it'll pass muster, feel free to toss a link in my direction anyway.

- I don't object to Hindu or Buddhist overtones at all; chakra work is also fine.

- If it's a vid and not an mp3, I've a preference for sticking with nature or mandalas or abstract images. If it involves other people, I prefer something down to earth, I don't want/need a distracting costume party.

- "Pretendians", fake shamanic rituals, and non-Indigenous insisting on being called "Little Running Deer" or by their "African Earth Mother Name" is a big No. Yelling and throwing things at my screen, while cathartic, is not very conducive to meditation work. =p

I really hope someone can help me out with this one. Thanks!


Jan. 28th, 2012 09:42 pm
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-Name you would like to go by: songbird or Natalie... or athousandstars. Whatever, haha. 

-Present path or tradition: Sort of exploring... Just general Pagan right now, dedicated to Nyx.

-Interests: swimming, talking, writing, reading, poetry, paranormal stuff, shopping.

-Age (not mandatory): 14. 

-Brief Bio: Well, I'm a pretty nice person, I guess. Mostly. :D I'm really random sometimes, and loud, but then other times I'm quiet and shy. I'm a therian, which means someone who identifies strongly with a non-human animal. I'm an amateur writer and poet. My dream is to travel the world.
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I'm trying to gather more pagans in my area -- trying to get the word out.
We also have a Pagan Picnic page. There are regular meetups and we're trying to do things to give back to the local community. Food drives, supporting small business, etc.

So please don't be afraid to come to our meetups. Just like the page and whenever you see a meetup you can come to, just come on in! We've been meeting at a Library lately because of the cooler weather, but we do occasionally have meetings at someone's home or another indoor, food-friendly location for potluck.

If you have any questions, let us know!
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What do you do when the deity (or deities) you are being called to worship or are drawn to are not from any pantheon known (or at least not known by all but the most obscure book or sliver of text)? Or similarly, what of if you have found their image but their name has been lost or have been simply dubbed something by anthropologists?

I am having some trouble with the goddesses I follow. They do not seem to be of any known pantheon at all. I looked and looked but I have still yet to find anything outside my own experiences with them.  They are three goddesses of the ocean. One is the goddess of the open ocean whose sacred animals are sharks and whales, another goddess is of the shore and shallows whose sacred animals are clams and crabs, and the last goddess is one of the deep sea whose scared animals are squid and octopi. I’ve been slowly building a practice around the ocean goddesses yet I am still mystified as not finding them in any historical text or known pantheon. I’m not fully sure how to properly work for them or even address them, other than continue to piece together what they wish to be done and now and what they wish to be called. What would you do in the above situation or in a general sense of the original questions?  Less anyone has a guess about where these goddeses might have originated?
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This is probably going to be a weird introduction for most people.  This account is for a multiple system (many people sharing one body) who happen to have a lot of people who are pagan in some flavor or another. 

Earth Listener is an animist with a focus on the local bioregion, totemism, and general practices which can be labeled as very shamanic in nature. Earth Listener has been most heavily inspired by the works of Lupa, Ravenari, and NaturePunk.

Kardegray is an “apatheistic” Satanist. He is not a part of any particular Left-hand Path form though he’s been inspired by the overall spirit of the Satanic Laws, Satanic Rules, and the Satanic Sins from LaVeyan Satanism along with the concepts of  enlightenment in personal education and knowing found in the Temple of Set.

Lunatani is an Wiccan of an eclectic and no specific traditional sort. She worships the Lord and Lady, however she is still studying and trying to understand where she stands on certain details.

Aquasarius does not follow a named and known spirituality but rather follows three sister deities reprinting the open sea, the deep sea bottoms, and shallow seas to the shores. Aquasarius’s  is certainly trying to piece together a practice fitting for the goddesses.

Mist Weaver is currently questioning what she believes.  She leans on having the pull to believe in a fire deity and a sun deity but is questioning what that makes her and how to practice such a faith.

Pantairin being a Buddhist and Zeoriel being a deist with some hints of panendeism (universe is part of god but not all of god) in the background makes them the only ones not technically covered over the ‘neopagan umbrella.’

Physically we’re 22, born March 21 (yes born at our around the Spring Equinox). Currently in college get a degree in history and education and if we’re insane enough tack on a minor in anthropology on the way.  Collectively, we have a wide range of interests and hobbies ranging within biology, psychology, spirituality, literature, anthropology, among others. Specifically we have interest in otherkin, music, movies, the outdoors, among other things.
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This place is dead ...

Just saying hi. I consider myself Heathen (more Anglo-Saxon than Norse) and am interested especially in runes and the like.
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My 3-yr-old daughter is getting very interested in my tarot cards. Right now, I'm letting her hold the cards and look at the pictures with supervision. And I'm wondering, when have other parents started their kids on such things, and what did you use?

My primary decks are the Tarot of the Trees, by Dana Driscoll, and the tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. Neither really suited for kids, except to admire the art. Somewhere in the house, we've got a couple of Rider-Waite-based decks. But I'd like to get her (and her younger brother, eventually) something more child-friendly.


Mar. 15th, 2011 10:54 pm
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Just thought you guys might be interested to know I have a set of Futhark runes up for auction at [community profile] help_japan.

The ones pictured are just an example; I can make them any colour you want. If you don't know how to read runes, I can help you out with instructions.

I will pay for shipping to anywhere in the world.
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I've begun to read In the Spirit of Happiness by the Monks of New Skete, a book that explores spirituality and happiness within a loose context of monasticism, albeit form a Christian perspective. (They've also written books on raising and training puppies and make a mean cheesecake, or so I've been told.)

I admittedly picked it up since I've somewhat lost my way on the pagan path, but the discussion within the pages is surprisingly applicable even to a pagan worldview (such as asserting that happiness is in fact possible in this life as opposed to only in the next, and to pursue it is only human), and I've begun to use it for comparative purposes--a sort of light to shine on my own spirituality so that from the shadow I can begin to see the true shape of my moral/ethical paradigm. There is no real "canon" in paganism (at least, in a non-culturally-specific context), and often I find that I go on ethical assumptions that are holdovers from my Episcopal upbringing without considering "why" paganism also holds them to be true.

What really caught my attention was the discussion of the "first fervor" in the second chapter. In a nutshell, the "first fervor" is the emotional and physical high many of the monks feel when they first enter the monastic life, extending even to the point of physical arousal after or during church services. They all feel so mystical, so close to God, and so enthused by these feelings that it gets them joyfully through the first six months or so of their journey at the monastery.

I see clear parallels between the "first fervor" of monastic life and the spiritual excitement that accompanies most pagans as they begin to explore their path, mine included. I "heard" so well, felt so close to my gods, that it really came quite naturally at the beginning. And then, like many people, I found it began to fade, and likewise, so too did my daily devotions and practice. (As some of you have said before, celebrating the sabbats for a full year and a day without skipping any is a kind of true barometer of one's dedication precisely because it isn't easy.) According to the monks, I stopped when journey was no longer emotionally fulfilling to me--basically, when the personal gain ceased, I had nothing to keep my practice going.

Their Christian answer is that the first fervor is a phase to pass through so that one might begin to seriously and maturely follow the spiritual path. Without the emotional high, one is no longer religious just to feel good yourself, but instead you get to the heart of what God and Jesus were about--selfless love for others, and giving of yourself.

Is this where the pagan parallel stops? Does paganism ask us to "rise above ourselves" and move on to loving others, and where? As an intensely individual religion, and one often given to whims of the ego, is there a theological basis for
"[giving] of ourselves regardless of what we feel [... and] stripping the bonds of selfishness that enslave us" so that, as they see it, those bonds can be "transmuted into bonds of union with God and our fellow human beings" (46)?
If we substitute the Universe, the All, or the Goddess in place of God, is there a pagan theological basis for a similar statement? Or is that a uniquely Christian way of thinking, and I am simply trying to translate something that has no pagan equivalent?

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Jan. 3rd, 2011 06:21 pm
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Hello everyone~

Name you would like to go by: Fox or V. Either works. I don't prefer one more than the other, because I think they both fit me just fine. Whatever you feel like calling me, I guess. :3

Present path or tradition: I'm not really sure. Eclectic pagan, maybe? I don't really talk to any gods/goddesses but the God and Goddess, although I have a pretty strong bond with Zephyrus, the Western Wind. I write my own spells or rewrite spells that have been offered to fit my purposes. I believe that there are energies for everything, and that the more knowledgeable can tweak them to their needs, which sounds reckless but I have my own set of rules. I do abide by the threefold law but I'm not Wiccan, and I am a Solitaire.

Interests: Reading, writing, certain forms of art, music.

Age (not mandatory): 20

Brief Bio: I'm not really sure what to say. I'm enamoured with the wind, I love working weather magick, and I'm not your average girl. :3 That's about all I can say.


Dec. 14th, 2010 03:53 pm
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Name: Mirrorred Star

Age: 25

Path: Ummm... eclectic Pagan? I've been talking to Dionysus fairly recently, I'm interested in the Greek pantheon and Taoism and the magic side of witchcraft, and I'm thinking about looking into Feri and maybe some form of Druidism. I'm still figuring out what I want out of Paganism, I guess.

Interests: I am a sci fi/fantasy fan across media, and I write fantasy as well, trying to get a novel finished right now, actually. And I love learning new things. I did a Bachelor of Arts at uni, it was awesome but pretty useless for getting work. I love languages, but I haven't done any language-learning since uni, where I did Mandarin the whole way through and Classical Greek for a year.
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-Name you would like to go by: Eh... the DW screen name works fine I suppose. I don't have any nicknames or special names so... yeah.

-Present path or tradition: Don't really have one. Contemplated atheism since I don't really feel connected to anything spiritual, but I do want to give it a try on some level. Though, I identified as wiccan for many years prior to this recent development. Mostly I'm open to learning more stuff and just seeing where it goes...

-Interests: Not very many. Going to the movies (or watching them in general), Sims, video games, reading (especially online comics!), tarot, daydreaming, french...

-Age (not mandatory): 22, will be 23 in 2 months. o.O

-Brief Bio: Graduated from college with my BA in French and Film this past May and moved out to the west coast to live a little. Currently working but trying to get my own place and a higher paying job to boot. Um... that's pretty much about it. :3
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 Name you would like to go by: Honeyfeather works. My "pagan" name is Morag, so if you want to call me that, that's cool too. 

Present path or tradition: Current name for it is NeoCeltic Feri/Reclaimingesque Hearthwitchery, and I'm goddess-owned by Morrigan and Brighid. I'm also on ADF's Dedicant Path for Druidry, and my religious beliefs are becoming more Brighidine every day. So I'm keeping the name until I get Told that it needs to change. 

Interests: Theatre, knitting, crochet, writing, reading, feminism, anti-oppression work, singing, sleeping, geekery, gaming. Other stuff that's not coming to mind because I'm tired. 

Age (not mandatory): 24

Brief Bio: I grew up first in Canada, and then the rest of the way in the US, and now I'm back in Canada and going to University. My parents are divorced and I'm an only child. I'm a Leo, and a typical one at that. I have a cat named Charli who is absolutely horrible most of the time, but her sweet moments make up for all the hell she puts me through. I live with roommates in a town on an island in British Columbia, and in August I'm moving to Vancouver to a) pursue my acting career with the passion and heat of a thousand suns, b) continue school, c) dance burlesque, d) be closer to my awesome boyfriend, or e) all of the above. (Hint: it's e.) 

I like glitter. A lot. 
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-Name you would like to go by: Alyssa, my given name, or [personal profile] vorpal is fine.

-Present path or tradition: Solitary eclectic pagan; I like to say that I have my own brand of paganism developed over years of study. I do things my own way, but I do give thought to them based on research first. In the simplest of terms, I'm a Witch.

-Interests: Literature, video games, music, art, history, mythology, the occult and the paranormal, running, cooking/baking, botany and herbalism, runes and rune casting/divination, and much more.

-Age (not mandatory): 22

-Brief Bio: I live in Tennessee with my boyfriend of seven years, our dog, five betta fish, and lots of plants. I work full-time and attend school part-time as a Liberal Arts major, which basically means I have no idea what I want to do with my life. ;) I'm a runner, and I love nature and being outdoors, especially in the autumn. I've been studying paganism in all its forms since I was 14, and I've been dedicated to Hestia for almost as long. I've always been solitary, and my main tools of the trade are my beloved Elder Futhark runes, crafted by my own hands.

I think I've covered all the basics. If there's anything else you want to know, ask! :)
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I'm not a big fan of intro posts, but they appear to be de rigeur here. So, without further adoo...

-Name you would like to go by: SwissCelt suffices, for the purposes of this community. It's not really a craft name, nor am I all that picky about protecting my identity (if I were, I wouldn't be using the same well-tread pseudonym I've been using for the last 10 years) but it's the name by which I'm known in discussing religious & spiritual matters.

-Present path or tradition: Polytheistic [Neo-]Marcionism. Feel free to ask. ;-)

-Interests: I'm a computer nerd, by trade and hobby. I also love travel, although I do precious little of it. And I'm a parent... which is probably why I don't travel as much as I like, but I wouldn't trade my two kids for the world.

-Age (not mandatory): 38. And yeah, it was mandatory that I lived all those years, as they made me who I am today. *grin*

-Brief Bio: For better or worse, I'm guessing my reputation precedes me. So I'll be sure to make this brief, as a fair number of people either won't want to read this, or won't need to read it. I guess, more than anything, the thing I'd really want people to know about me is that I love talking to people. I'm not always soft and cuddly, but I do make the effort always to be a better person. I try to uphold the Four Agreements, though sometimes I do a miserable job (and yet, in accordance with the fourth agreement, I do give my best). And that's about that for now, lest this becomes a not-so-brief bio.
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-Name you would like to go by: Ta'eris

-Present path or tradition: It's convoluted. I am first and foremost a wife of Loki and Rokkatru, a god-owned and god-spoused shaman/ess. "God" being used in the gender neutral usage here, as replacing the word with "deity" in those phrases makes them  hard to pronounce. >.> But I'm also still developing said path, and it extends beyond Loki, the Rokkr, and the Norse gods as a whole. Some of it I haven't yet become brave enough, per se, to talk about in public forums and still keep to my own journal. I previously called myself a "cross-culture semi-electic pagan", and I suppose that still fits, to a degree.

-Interests: That'd be telling. I fancy open-minded theological, spiritual, and metaphysical discussion-obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be here.  Anything else that you find in my bio, also generally something I'm interested in.

-Age (not mandatory): 22

-Brief Bio: I was raised a bubble wrapped Christian. Unsuccessfully, because I started doubting Christianity when I was a small child-fourish, if memory serves even close-and gave it up at about 8. I played along and helped babysit the kids after that, to avoid having to go to Sunday School or the service. Over the next 11 years I progressed from "I have no religion" to "spiritualist", and finally got used to the fact that I had no religion that fit me, even after discovering Wicca at 16 and going "...No thanks.". And then I turn 19, meet my fiance, and the Morrighan goes "Hmm. You think you have no religion? THINK AGAIN!". She's no longer around, and not of my choice, but She was one of the Deities that started me, whip at the behind and everything, on the convoluted trial by fire path that I'm on. I live in Denver currently but I'll be heading to the Springs soon.

I'm also a crafter and artist of varying mediums, someone who adores the outdoors and nature, a rennie and thus a garb and weapons slut, a gamergeek, and at the same time far too fond of the domestic type things than I usually admit. I'm nocturnal, for whatever reason, which messes with my brain, having run a morning shift for two years. I'm also a raging pyro, I ADORE fire, but don't worry, I don't burn down anything I shouldn't. ;-) I'm a history, lore, and mythology slut, and my library is sadly smaller than I would like. I'm a knowledge whore, I adore learning, and it never stops. I'm not currently in college, no matter that I'd love to be (History major, Fashion Design minor, if I had my way), so I fill that gaps with learning whatever else I can. The more immediate source are the deities, cultures, and arts applicable to my religious path, so that's where I'm at. I'm polyamorous, kinky, and bisexual, but currently the two loves-one fiance, one SO-I have are enough to suit me.  I'm also Otherkin, an energetic feeder, and of a multiple Network, but that only permeates my religious life so I won't be talking of those last three much here.

And of course, I can't forget ADF. I'm the Hearth and Purse Warden of the New Village Protogrove in the Springs, and formerly the Hearth Warden of the Silver Branch Golden Horn Grove of Denver. I do it more for the community, as it only encompasses a portion of my practice, but it seems to be permeating my personal practice no matter what I do. May as well admit it, I'm a tree-hugging hippie Druid and proud of it. ;-)

....That wasn't so much brief. Urgh. >.> Apologies. Obviously, you can see that I can also be quite chatty.
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-Name you would like to go by: Anathame

-Present path or tradition: Wiccan

-Interests: God and Goddess worship, balance, education, spellcraft.

-Age (not mandatory): 35

-Brief Bio: I made this choice in faith shortly after contemplating atheism. It didn't feel right, but neither did my religion of birth--Christianity. I felt at home and welcomed as soon as I started studying and practicing Wicca. I was surprised that I was more attracted to, and attuned with, the God and the Goddess than I was with practical magick. I look forward to following my current path and seeing where it leads.