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My Path "Home" may have been a long one but it was well worth it. And while "Coming Home" to Heathenry is wonderful, there are things about previous ways that I do miss that Heathenry doesn't have(or less strongly):
Wicca(or more properly BTW as you would say today)-I miss the routine of Rite____ being performed "so" and words "so"...that the same Rite for the same Holy Day IS the same. Unlike a lot of folks, I do not consider consistancy and routine "dirty" words;>
Celtic Reconstructionism-There was a VERY strong "Crafty" thread as part of one's Practice. Everyone did SOMETHING:Singing, Instruments, Carving, Painting, Weaving,etc; ALL within the Celtic cultural pattern. I did Calligraphy and Knotwork...both skills have degraded quite a bit in the last decade and a half..
Modern Pagan- I miss the Seasonality of the Yr Wheel. More flexible than it's Wiccan Parent it could be perfectly adapted to the Natural Patterns of where you lived. Here Fall Equinox was time to celebrate Persimmons, Pecans, Tuna(the Cactus fruit,not the fish;>) and the 1st Sweet Potatoes. It was the time you switched from (sub)tropical veggies to Northern ones, including those traditional to your European Ancestors.
I AM Home with HEathenry but, as with everything else, there are pluses and minuses.I like the more Deity-Centeredness of my Ancestor's Way and the strong position Spiritually They play in it. I do prefer my God/desses more as Individuals than "Job Discriptions", inconvienient as it may be at times when you're putting together a Rite for a particular reason;>. Thing is, just because I'm no longer a member of a particular Way, it doesn't mean that the reason I am not is because it wasn't a valid or fullfilling one, just not "The One";>
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