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I'm looking for books on adding some spirituality to my everyday life. I'm disabled and can't really go for a walk in the woods as I would like, and live in a small apartment so no chanting or drumming. I've read To Walk a Pagan Path: Practical Spirituality for Every Day and it was excellent. Can you recommend me your favorites?

Many thanks!
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 So, back when rocks were still soft and the internet was young, Scarecrow (aka Lorax, aka Gordon Cooper, current Grand Archdruid of the AODA) wrote an essay that was published in Converging Paths, 1987 Fall Equinox issue, called "SHAMANISM: Agony Before the Ecstasy". As rocks have cooled, dinosaurs been killed off and such, bodies have moved and the like, he no longer has a complete copy of it, and I have a need of it.
I've been scouring the dark alleys of Google seeking it, as it had been posted to the old PODSNet file system, as well as having been posted to Usenet in a few places. I've tracked down as many of those as I can, and in every instance, text is missing, or garbled. In fact, there are two versions at the Skeptic Tank, both of which have different errors and gaps, as well as two instances in soc.religion.shamanism which at first look seems to be a duplicate of the one in alt.pagan, except they have different garbles as well ...
By any chance, do any of Ye Old Timers have in their mildewing files in the box in the crawlspace or basement, copies of this particular issue of Converging Paths, and if so, could you be enticed to scan the pages of this article and email them to me, so that I can clean up the scans and get them to Gordon? Sadly, my own copies of that belated magazine were eaten by vermin about 25 years back and seven moves ago.
For any assistance, many thanks, feel free to contact me at Moondancer @ NemedCuculatii (dot) org with "SHAMANISM: Agony Before the Ecstasy" as the subject if you can assist!
PS - Permission to share this in appropriate Craft/Metaphysical Groups is granted, lease just let me know where it's been shared, so that I can attempt to keep track.
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I really should be used to this by now, when stuff with Meaning involving my path shows up in the mail in a scary fast amount of time (i.e. prayer bead supplies arriving from Canada 4 days after I purchased them) but it still feels like A Sign every time.
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Anyone know of any good artist that make custom prayer beads? One of my gods wants a prayer bead set of his own (since the ones that used to be his turned into my mental health set) and my go-to prayer bead artist is no longer taking custom orders.
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Speaking as a Finn who has lived more than a third of her life abroad, and in the spirit of the comm rules (no elitism, personal attacks, trolling, etc.), I'd like to bring up this topic.

Because a lot of Pagan paths are tied to a particular cultural heritage or then combine or conflate gods or ideas from many strains, I'm often second-guessing myself about my "right" to follow a certain idea or invite a certain God, and on the other hand feeling both connected and disconnected from the Paganism of my own heritage. I tend to make my peace over and over again by reminding myself gods have never stuck to one place only and the thing that matters is that my connection with them is authentic and I approach them with respect. The niggle of self-doubt remains. 

As background: The first Pagan path I discovered was Wicca, as is often the case, which is a tradition that conflates. Over the years I've come to believe in a cosmology that differs from the Wiccan one, so while I can still agree with the five points, I'm not sure I want to call that my path anymore. The main sticking point being the idea that all gods are the same god. Yes and no, I think. But more on the "no" side in practical terms. I'd still like to celebrate the Wheel of the Year, and do, because who's stopping me, but it's only this Imbolc that I've really tried to connect with Brighid herself as an individual goddess. This is an ongoing project. But I am not of Irish (or even Celtic) heritage. So it's been on my mind, and the material I've been reading has, if anything, reinforced my hesitation. She appears to "belong" to Irish reconstructionism. 

On the other hand I am sitting here in ancient Gaul, where we had the earliest mentions of Brigandu. On yet another hand, I'm sitting where Hekate received sacrifices at least up to the sixth century. Gods travel. 

Any thoughts, experiences on the subject of relating your personal cultural heritage with your faith?


Feb. 12th, 2019 07:46 am
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I am actually not a Tumbler refugee, but I'm getting tired of Facebook and mindless memes.

I remember the heydey of Livejournal back in the early 2000s and I wish we could go back to that.  

Name you would like to go by: "northernsoul"
was the most creative  nom de plume I could devise when I registered the account.  

-Present path or tradition: mostly Heathenry, but I  have dabbled, and continue to dabble, in Druidry, ceremonial magick, Greco-Roman paganism, Celtic paganism, and some other things. 

-Interests: well, polytheism, obviously, or I wouldn't be here. :)   I have interests outside religion but my journal here deals exclusively with my spirituality.

-Age (not mandatory): 41

-Brief Bio:   I'm really not that interesting

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-Name you would like to go by: Ilthit, Keeveet, you there

-Present path or tradition: after nearly twenty years, I'm still figuring it out

-Interests: polytheism, goddess faith, learning, economics, literature, history, cosmology, meditation, nerd stuff, queer stuff

-Age (not mandatory): 39

-Brief Bio: I have a job I don't really care about and a wife and son I care very deeply about. I write a bit, and used to draw. I've lived in four different countries over the past couple of decades, two only briefly, and I'm beginning to no longer feel like a Finn. That's also pretty apt to the path my faith has taken. So. I'm figuring stuff out, looking for structure, but evidence suggests I'll never find any. But I'm pretty happy.
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What are you planning for the next holy day? I start my planning for The Charming of the Plow about mid January by making an anointing oil. Previously, I've used Rosemary but last Summer my plant succumbed to our hot and humid Summer and died so I'll be using Lavender.
The last week of January I take out all my gardening tools to clean and sharpen them. During the Rite, after Offerings to the Ancestors I Anoint the tools while asking the God/desses, Disir and Ancestors to Bless them.


Jan. 6th, 2019 08:43 am
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So, for the people that do ancestor worship, especially those of you from a European background, what kind of things do you offer them (besides fresh water)? Is it strictly stuff they liked during life, or a set of things you offer to all ancestors, or a mix?

I'm asking from a Euro background because that's my own background and I do not want to take practices that aren't mine. Looking especially for Celtic, Northern European, and Eastern European practices (but not specifically Slavic or Scandi)
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-Name you would like to go by: Sarah

-Present path or tradition: Eclectic polytheistic pagan, devotee of Hecate and a practicing witch. I am also an initiated Bard in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids.

-Interests: Sigils, mythology, servitors, candle work, energy work, animal magic, moon magic, multiple pantheons (Greek, Norse, Irish, Welsh)

-Age (not mandatory): 29

-Brief Bio: I am a pagan and witch living in central Ontario, Canada. My practice started when I was in my teens and remains an ever-evolving journey. I love talking to other pagans and discussing theologies. My Dreamwidth is brand new, so I am still feeling out how to navigate the site. And I'm always looking for folks to talk to!
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Name You Would Like To Go By: My given mudang name is 무궁화보살 (Mugunghwa Bosal) but calling me Mudang is fine.

Present Path or Tradition: I am an officiated mudang (which roughly translates to initiated shaman-priest) of Mugyo, indigenous Korean tradition (which is called korean shamanism). I have many gods in my pantheon, some of which are Dragon King, Mountain God, Child Gods, Illness/Smallpox God, Buddhist Monk Goddess, Kisaeng Goddess, Mudang Goddess, Aristocrat God, War Gods etc.

Interests: I work as an administrator and as a mudang. I do daily temple rites and services for clients, such as but not limited to: talismans/amulets, small rituals, divination/saju sessions, 굿.

Age (not mandatory): 29

Brief Bio: I'm a Korean diaspora, ISTJ, 3w4, metal snake. I have been a practicing witch since 2003, but got initiated into the 최 lineage of Mugyo August 2017. I also am one of the only people who practice Ryeongki, a form of energy healing similar to reiki.
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Baba Yaga since I was a teen has been a guardian spirit, babushka, and initiator into witchcraft for me. Not only does she teach me witchcraft of the wilderness, wildcrafting, hedgewitchery, kitchen witchcraft, green witchcraft, but also hearth magic. I view her as a very terrestrial spirit, before the gods came to Russia, there was Baba Yaga. The very soul of my Slavic ancestors, the kings and queens of Kievan Rus. There is something feral and somber but altogether holy and beautiful about the dvoverie, or double faith, of Slavic lands that lasts to this day, and no one is more liminal or burbling with wild magic as Baba Yaga. She manifests very powerfully and smells like cloying honeysuckle and an older lady's perfume, likes to smoke her pipe and knit, and will insist cleanliness is next to godliness. An initiator for women's magic, she tests maidens like Vasilisa in the myths and her chicken legged hut is the fulcrum on which Buyan turns. It is related to charnel houses and a sign of her dominion over the Russian afterlife of Veles's realm. Listening to Mussorgosky's "The Hut on Chicken Feet," you can hear the thrum of Baba Yaga's wizened laughter. Lady of Iron Teeth, Lady of Pestle and Mortar, good offerings for her are chicken feet (easily ordered at Dim Sum or Chinese restuarants and stored for later), vodka, housework, especially sweeping, and she absolutely loves goofy dolls of wizened crones and witches. I have a '60s doll squeaky witch from the Soviet Union she adores. She also loves sprigs of lavender, nightshade, poisonous herbs, and herbal or wildflower tea. Above all, if you want her magic lessons, it's best to offer her sweeping, sewing, knitting, crocheting, and dusting and mopping. She is the greatest raw source of magic I know and the mountains and rivers and dark forests of Siberia given life. Reindeer and chicken and horses and wolves, I have found, are sacred to her. Her manservants are shapeshifting horses Day, Dawn, and Night. She tempts, she tests, she wisecracks, she teases, and remember, in her stew are baby bones, but also wisdom beyond measure.
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Name You Would Like To Go By: Allie/Lokisdattir

Present Path or Tradition: Heathenry/Asatru as my pantheon with my Kindred but with personal connections and practice to Michael, Samael/Satan, the archangels (mainly Uriel, Raphael, Gabriel, Zadkiel, Jophiel, Ariel, and Azrael, oh, and Metatron!), Lilith, Agrath bat Mahalath, Eisheth Zenuminn, Naamah Beelzebub, Asmodeus and Cain.

My main gods are Odin, Loki, Hela, Freya, and Frey. I'm also highly involved with Baba Yaga and her student. That about sums it up.

Interests: I am a professor and PhD student in health communications with a master's in science communications and BS in biology/environmental science. My interests are highly academic, including climate change, neonatal, and mental health research, wetland ecology, but my true talent lays in writing and art. I am a widely published poet and author working on an exclusive for an agent right now and mostly write about pagan topics. I run a blog at My work has appeared in various anthologies and journals, Apex Magazine, and a lot in Eternal Haunted Summer. I'm also an environmentalist, conservationist, and

Age (not mandatory): 25

Brief Bio: I'm a passionate writer that has been pagan since the age of 10, was raised by the archangels and archdemons from the age of 2 on (mainly Satan, Metatron, Uriel, Ariel, and Asmodeus at 7, then in my teenage years I met everyone else). I met Freyr at 13 and Loki at 16 and have pretty much been Heathen ever since! I'm Norwegian and German with a teensy bit of Scottish and English. Academia is my passion and I love teaching at the college level, doing academic papers, writing novels, poetry, and experimental prose, and illustrating portraits mainly.

I'm an old timer in the Pagan community, relatively speaking: I've had my blog for about ten years now and have seen the rise and fall of many a Big Name Pagan. I have an extensive network of pagan friends IRL and online and am highly involved in the local pagan community. Sometimes I miss the simplicity of the Pagan community in the early 2000s and 2010s, but I definitely don't miss the drama. Tumblr exile because who even uses that site anymore?

As for practice, I'm a hedgewitch that practices Traditional Witchcraft, seidhr, galdr, kitchen witchery, and a huge devotional practice with a liberal dash of Christian mysticism and Satanism. Don't fit neatly into a box. Name a psychic ability and I probably have it. I bitch about Jesus, Michael, and Satan a lot on my blog in free verse. Also am working on a book of Heathen poetry. I'm gonna be keeping a diary here.

All the bis: Bipolar, Bisexual, Bitch. Not really a bitch, just kidding! I'm a fucking doormat goodie two shoes. Feel free to talk to me. You might remember me from the early 2010s as Lokisdattir. Anyways, gotta figure out how to use this dangnab website.
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Name you would like to go by: htg

Present path or tradition: Hellenic and Roman polytheism

Interests: Modern polytheistic reconstruction/revival, classical studies, mythology, philosophy, archaeology history, literature, art. I have so many fandoms...

Age (not mandatory):

Brief Bio: 
Part of the migration from tumblr - contrary to their policy, tumblr IS flagging classical art as explicit. I strongly reject and oppose racism, xenophobia, classicism, sexism, misogyny, transphobia, homophobia, abelism, sanism, ageism...there's probabaly more, but this makes a good start. If interested, you'll find a fuller bio at my profile.

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So....what do folks have planned to do on the Solstice?
For the last few yrs I've been alternating Disablot(Rite to one's female Ancestors, esp those who are it's Guardian Spirits) and Alfarblot(Rite to the Elves and male Ancestors). There is more surviving that Disablot is done at this time(Modranacht) but I've just felt that Samhain is more "female"(maybe too many yrs with the Morrigu and Hel being strong in my Life;>)and so have done this. This yr Solstice is Alfarblot…
Sometime during Yule-tide I'll be Consecrating a votive image for Frigg. I'd been using a historical reproduction of a Valkyrie for yrs but saw a lovely one from Dryad Designs that used Lore-based symbolism for Her image. Looks like a busy few days and that's not even counting Family;>!
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 I am thinking about experimenting with some spirit work this sabbat (Friday). 
I have an amethyst pendulum, some palo santo, and some  various herbs on hand. 
I am planning on first trying to make contact with a spirit guide and then possibly contacting a deceased friend (if I have the energy)
What incense or other tools would you reccomend for drawing spirits? 
Is there any safeguards, besides banishing spells, you would recommend?
Will also take any other tips.
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-Name you would like to go by: Urania or Sara

-Present path or tradition: I'm a witch and an initiated Wiccan. My craft is very eclectic; I tend to draw from many sources, but not closed traditions.

-Interests: Reading. I love urban fantasy, and also read nonfic related to history, witchcraft, and religion. But lbr, it's mostly urban fantasy.

-Age (not mandatory): 23
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So, I was messing around in discord on a dungeons and dragons server- and the topic turned to reincarnation and real world magic- of course somebody said, "And we just proved the 80's mom right" Because of the rumor back in the day that dungeons and dragons would lead to witch craft and devil worship.

But what ended up happening, is that I said I'd try to do a reading with my pendulums to see if I could figure out how many times some of the others had been reincarnated. Along with one simple Yes/no question that they wouldn't tell me the answer to but knew themselves to make sure it was accurate.

Here's the result-

Person A. "Seven Life times" "Do I like cats?" Yes" (yes was correct)

Person B. "Nine life Times." "Do I have green eyes?" "HARD NO" (also correct- this person later said, "yea I describe my eyes as shit brown so no surprise there")

It made me feel pretty good because I didn't know I was that skilled in divination and that aspect of the occult to do readings for other people. I've always been of the opinion I was still a major noob- but apparently not.
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I come from Google+, who will close in August. I live in Alsace, North-East of France, I’m male, 50yr old.

My path is more concentrated on asatru, being member of a local clan, but not limited to that, having contact with other pagans mainly through Facebook where I participate to ceremonies centred on other pantheons.


Dec. 15th, 2018 12:50 pm
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 -Name you would like to go by: Becca, she/her pronouns

-Present path or tradition: Hellenic Polytheism, veering off into eclectic. Heavy usage of kitchen witchery and herb magic. Interested in spirit work, but not just now doing the research. 

-Interests: Writing, reading: fantasy, classic Gothic literature, women writers. I am southern American, so I have a soft spot for anything folksy - from the music, to the food, and the crafts. And I love cookbooks and cooking food. Oh, and tea, tea interests me very much.

-Age (not mandatory): 26

-Brief Bio: I am from the buckle of the bible bent, Louisiana. Northern Louisiana, which is basically far east Texas. I started practicing witchcraft about 4-5 years ago, not sure when I would say i officially started. I live in a little country house with my cats, my dogs, and my chickens. I am an accountant by day, and a DIY queen by night. I make most of my own beauty and bath products. And I cook all the time. I have both a practical and whimsical outlook (which is fun). Needless to say, I'm a homebody.