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On one of my groups/lists the subject of the Afterlife and all that comes with it came I thought of putting my BS on the subject.
As I've mentioned a few times, not only do I "See Dead People",I see the non- or ex-Human as well. From my half century of personal experiences, I've come up with the following:
1-Ghosts: Dead folks that either don't Know they are or are stuck here for some reason.
2-Echoes: Sometimes called a number of other things like "Stone Tapes", etc, these are Imprints of Events that (generally) Sensitive folks will pick up and experience.
3-Non-human: Never were and have their own Lives and Agendas;run the gammut from low animal Intelligence to Deity Level(though I know of no one running into the latter in my Lifetime). Most folks don't Know that there is just as Vibrant a non-corporeal ecosystem as corporeal. Just 'cause it doesn't have a body doesn't make it smart, useful or even SAFE.
4-Ex-human: These pretty much(in general) are low level god/desses. Even the Woeful Ones(Heathenspeak for Nasty Ones) need to be treated with the utmost Respect
5-Deities: Sorta self-explanitory;>. Politeness and Good Manners are NEVER WRONG with these Beings, even ones those you Follow consider Enemies.

With the exceptions(in general)of 4 and 5, non-Sensitives don't have to worry. If you can't Percieve them, they tend to treat you as an obstacle and go around or through you, not interact with you(though the "through" is generally the only experience non-Sensitives ever get). A few Ghosts and Nonhumans have the Strength to affect non-Sensitives. Those that do are Woeful and should be "86'ed" from the Property by whatever Rite the Affected's Beleif system provides.
For those who ARE:
Your best "bets" are:
Being Aware of your non-physical environment
Be Polite to those Sentients you meet
Be Prepared to Protect yourself if They aren't Wealful(Heathenspeak for Good)

In otherwords, just like the Physical World!


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