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To the Modern Heathen, the Framework, the "Lenses", the "Touchstone" the Centre of their Practice. to non-Heathens, "Lore" is the generic term for all the writings, acheological digs and folklore that presently has been rediscovered of the pre-C peoples of Europe, particularly that of Nordic Peoples(though I know a lot of CR-folk who call it Lore as well).If it isn't at least in the Spirit of the Lore...."It Ain't Heathen"(this doesn't make it wrong, just NOT). Some Heathens take an almost "Fundie" view of it, esp the Havamal and Voluspa(which are attributed to certain Dieties).Most accept there are 2 big problems with it; that it was written down generally by Upper Class MEN and they were also Devout Christians. This pretty much meant that with the exception of FOlklorists, what the "Little People" Beleieved/Did was ignored and all were written down by those who looked down(even at the same time they may have Romanticised them). So what mostly survives are the practices and Beleifs of 'Downton Abbey'Brits as written by American Fundimentalists;>. That said, once you "adjust" for these, you can get quite a bit out!
One argument Heathens get into pretty constantly with Pagans is the concept of Valid Experience. Most Heathens, who are decent folks will say that your Experiences are Valid...for YOU. Unfortunately, there are some Pagans that can't "deal" with the Idea that some Experiences/Lessons/etc aren't Universal and start fights(though most today are simply short-lived Flamewars since Heathens tend NOT to stick around those that make them Feel Unwelcome).
The old saw that "Heathenry is Religion with Homework" is quite True and we all know that not everyone likes Homework! Personally, I try to avoid unless I have no choice Heathens that don't. A couple in a kindred isn't too aweful. A kindred made up of!?! Horrible! You might as well be Wiccatru except at least that's based on material a quarter and half century old.
The true "Lore Nazi"(term that entered Heathenry through it's SCA members) will learn the languages the Primary material is in. Even I'm not that bad(but I DID try;>!)but even 2ndary or Tertiary material can be too "academic" for a lot of folks but if you want to go Deeper into your Heathen Practice you have to go further than the "101" books available(soemtimes) in the Occult or Newage section of your local bookstore.Then again, most folks never delve Deep into the religions they're a part of so why should Heathens;>?
Heathenry, no matter what Branch is a true Reconstructed Religion. The Surviving Material providing the majority of the material, only filled in with material that "matches" at least aesthetically, just as an Archeological reconstruction does. The difference is that our Temples are actually used;>!


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